FSL Statement of Understanding & Grade Release Form

Statement of Understanding

Statement of Understanding

Grade Release

I hereby authorize release of my grade point average and academic progress to Student Leadership & Involvement, the indicated organization's faculty/staff advisor, alumnus/alumna advisor, chapter president, scholarship officer, new member educator, and/or national office.


Membership Release

I authorize the release of information regarding my fraternity/sorority membership status to students, faculty, and/or staff at the University.


Statement of Understanding – Hazing Policy

I understand and agree to abide by the University's hazing policy:

“Hazing. As defined in T.C.A. § 49-7-123(a)(1), any intentional or reckless act, on or off the property, of any higher education institution by an individual acting alone, or with others, which is directed against any other person(s) that endangers the mental or physical health or safety of that person(s), or which induces or coerces a person(s) to endanger such person(s) mental or physical health or safety.


Hazing does not include customary athletic events or similar contests or competitions, and is limited to those actions taken and situations created in connection with initiation into or affiliation with any organization. Hazing also includes the following: any action taken or situation created for the purpose of initiation into, admission into, affiliation with (or continued membership in), any group or organization which is intended to produce physical discomfort, injury, mental discomfort, embarrassment, or ridicule.


Such actions or situations include but are not limited to the following: use of alcohol, paddling in any form, branding, creation of excessive fatigue; wearing of apparel which is conspicuous or not in good taste; engaging in public stunts; participation in degrading or humiliating games and activities. All acts (active and passive) of hazing as well as allowing oneself to be hazed are prohibited.”